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My name is Marvin Baroota, designer of SoLegit customs. The customized cleats you see on your favorite NFL athletes are most likely done by me. What started off as a hobby has now become a day AND night job. My journey began in 2016, where I started painting in a cardboard box— my makeshift spray booth. I am blessed to say I’m still on this journey, doing what I love. 


-  “I could feel he was passionate about his designs and his work, so why not give him the opportunity? Usually I might just look the other way. But he was persistent. I was new to Chicago. And I needed somebody to help me get one pair of cleats to pop.” - Danny Trevathan.

-  “There are a lot of people who reach out and hit you up wanting to do some kind of business. They have these ideas. People want to be your stylist, your financial adviser, your lawyer. I usually don’t respond. But this was different. I felt like I wanted to try something new with my cleats. And I gave Marvin a shot. Everybody wants to be different. Especially on the football field. I think the cleats part of this has given guys an outlet to express themselves.” - Tyrann Mathieu



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